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country folk americana aka Louisiana Pearl music


Louisiana Pearl has always wanted to be an explorer. She hopes there is something left to be discovered. She wants to believe in magic. Since she was given her first guitar at 13, an old sunburst acoustic, she has written about her world through a lens of magical realism.  Her songs are her life stories, re-imagined into colorful and surreal landscapes.

For the last several years, Louisiana Pearl, has challenged herself to find a bit of real magic. She left a secure life in the city in favor of an ever changing one on the road. She towed a small trailer and sojourned across North America from California to Nova Scotia, over the Canadian Rocky Mountains up to Alaska.  The world she imagined has always been vivid and the one she has come to know is set ablaze with fantastical truths she needed to discover.  It is a world she can see herself in, a world where her songs pour out like incantations, a world worth sharing.  

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